Lisa Marguerite Mora is an intelligent and compassionate editor who will pay close attention to every detail of your manuscript and give you all sorts of helpful feedback. What a thrill it is for a writer who's been toiling away alone in a room for so long to be able to discuss and debate their manuscript with a terrific editor and writer. There is no doubt every writer will receive invaluable insight from this process and that every manuscript will be greatly improved. I highly recommend working with Lisa. --Maria Semple, author, This One is Mine; Where'd You Go Bernadette (Little, Brown); writer/ “Arrested Development,” “Mad About You,” “Ellen”.





Lisa is a former student of mine and I can attest to her gift as a writer and her ability as an editor and teacher. When I’m backed up with clients, I often refer them to her as I know they will be well taken care of. Writers benefit from her intuition and insight; her skill and her attention to detail. --Jack Grapes/ Method Writing Approach; Editor, ONTHEBUS (Bombshelter Press)





“Thank you so much for your writing mentorship over the past 10 years.” — Colleen O’Mara, Fish International Publishing Shortlist for Memoir 2017


"Lisa has a way of seeing the true intentions of the work and is able to cast off the extra layer that most writers can’t see in order to reveal the work’s true essence. She intuitively senses the writer’s unique intent and voice." ---Margaret Malone (PEOPLE LIKE YOU, PEN/Hemingway Honor for Debut Fiction, Swink Magazine, Missouri Review)




“I have found Lisa's input and support with my writing projects to be always helpful and encouraging. I am new to writing and Lisa's advice has contributed to a massive portion of my development...” --- Duncan Ross, Short listed for Fish International Short Story Contest in 2017, 2012, 2010  & long listed 2013, Short listed for The Big Issue in the North Award for Short Fiction 2013 and anthologized.





"Lisa Marguerite Mora came highly recommended as an editor for my memoir—and her praise was well deserved. Her comments and suggestions were clear and insightful, and she provided a road map that made the process of revising the manuscript infinitely easier. I was equally pleased with Lisa’s input when she reviewed a subsequent draft. My manuscript is significantly stronger thanks to Lisa's expertise and I’ve recommended her to other writers. I have no doubt that I will work with her again in the future." -- Jason Blume (Hit Songwriter/Author of 6 Steps to Songwriting Success, Inside Songwriting, and This Business of Songwriting--all published by Billboard Books)


"Better than therapy." -- Sally Wade, Comedy Writer


“The pacing is just right. At no time does the plot stall. Your editor deserves kudos” — Judge for 2016 Writer’s Digest Contest for self-published books for VANILLA GRASS by Leslie Bratspis


 “My bimonthly consultations with Lisa have been extremely beneficial for me. It’s a joy for me to have consistent input on my writing projects as they progress. I’m so thankful to Lisa for bringing to the forefront my strengths and weaknesses so I can get a clearer picture of my writing and improve where necessary. As a writer, I have never felt as supported and motivated as I do now with Lisa. She’s the best writing coach and editor I’ve worked with.” — Melinda Gallo

“I have to thank you again for yesterday's writing workshop. It was so wonderful and so inspiring. It helped me and energized me and got me writing in new ways. I look forward to more workshops with you!” — Audrey Freudberg



You executed writing improv exercises that were valuable. You also helped me by showing me how certain syllables can cause emotional effects. And what I loved most was how you flicked on a switch inside of me of knowing when to put great detail into a story or simple detail in a story that showed great visuals. Thank you!” – Ace Antonio Hall




“[What you did for my writing] Dissects structural issues and provides appropriate ideas for re-composition. Analyzes character motivations and offers clarity on the heroes journey. Assesses the relevance for each sentence in the story. Offers insight and critique such that the reading experience is going to meet the writer's intent.” – Craig Cignerelli




 "Lisa has a keen eye and a firm but gentle touch. She is a beautiful writer, a gifted editor and teacher." -- Jane Graham




"It feels both redundant and inadequate to thank you. What an absolutely wonderful workshop, Lisa Marguerite Mora, such a pleasure to at last meet you in person. Your gifts are so very much appreciated."


“You were so instrumental in this book coming to fruition." – Melody Riffs


 “Just wanted to thank you for that fantastic one-day editing workshop a few weeks ago! I'll be back for the next one! :-) It's worth every minute!! “--Alex Windel



“You are indeed a master craftsperson. Your advice has been superb.”--Matts Djos, Ph. D., Professor of Literature Emeritus Colorado Mesa University



Thank you, Lisa Marguerite Mora, for your INCREDIBLE Hidden Wisdom Writing Workshop. It was a tremendous help.--Ace Antonio Hall




“Lisa, it was one year ago (June 17, 2012... my father's birthday) that you sent me a nice note and a critique of my poem. Thank you to GLAWS (Greater Los Angeles Writers Society) for introducing me to you: a generous and talented writer and editor.” -- Daniel Lambert




"When we provide a manuscript for feedback, we surrender a piece of our soul. Lisa is a wonderful guardian angel." -- Craig Cignerelli








Your past "graduates" aren't wrong when they write about how gentle and respectful you are, but few mention that bit of steel that's there, too.  The part that "sees" and asks the workshop participant to explore a little further for the sake of truth and excellence.  -- Jeanne Dreyfus, writer


I was so pleased with what you have done and how you helped me with my manuscript. You helped bring me out and go into the depth of my thoughts and being.--Betty Kuhn, “Behind the Wall”


“I looked at the edits, they were brilliant, I sent them straight to publisher thank you so much.” --Mark Davis, author at Amberley Publishing http://www.mark-davis-photography.com






"Really appreciated our one-on-one session. My writing went to all sorts of unexpected places from the work we did together! "—Diahann Reyes




“Ladies and Gents: if you're a writer who is invested in being the best you can be, any one of Lisa's workshops/classes or editorial services will get you there. Her input is generous in nature and insightful and she delivers with professionalism and consideration for your personal writing style and goals. I have used her editing services on my short stories and my very first novel. Highly recommend.”--Terry Carr, Huffington Post


“Lisa is a great teacher/facilitator...it helped me start writing/and sharing my writing. ;-) (I did the 8 week class)”--Susan Rosewood, artist



 I was sure of your talent and intelligence from when I first met you....--Ralph Salimpour, MD, FAAP, DCH/Clinical Professor of Pediatrics/ UCLA School of Medicine


I wish I could take your next class. You're a gifted editor and I value your ideas.”--Michelle Mangos, writer and educator


Thanks for a great workshop as well and for such constructive and honest feedback. You're a great editor.”--Ana Lima, writer & educator


I love your service and the way you critique...excellent! Ace Antonio-Hall Vice President Greater Los Angeles Writers Society

She has an uncanny ability to access and to clarify a clumsy sentence. Lisa has an intuition for both grammar and the character of the writer. She has a clairvoyant gift for the content of a piece and for the possibilities within it. Her perception of the writer and motives is highly tuned in.--Susan Laguna


Lisa functions like the best writing teacher I’ve ever had. She grasps the intention, and fully understands what it is I am struggling to express, and then helps me put the words on the page in the most economical way. She has helped me find my deeper voice, accepted no clichés, or stunted sentences, and has actually helped me keep my focus. My writing faults melt away with her guidance, and I feel the creative process move from her instructional touch to my written page. This process not only improved the writing, it improved the writer.—Marian Silverman, published writer.




Thank you, Lisa, for providing detailed and insightful comments on my novel. This is the kind of useful feedback I am looking for. I look forward to participating in one of your workshops.-- Daniel Lambert, writer, teacher (CSU Dominguez Hills Faculty)



I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. I'm very, very grateful for your comments. I think you've already gone above and beyond for your fee.--Diane Mora, writer, ESL Instructor.



You really inspired me last night. Thanks so much, Lisa for helping me find a little more confidence and excitement. I got even more out of last night than I imagined.--Bridget Streb/Writer



Lisa provided more than timely editing for ten short stories, her attention to detail picked up where the writer sped past. I appreciated her professionalism. She is a gifted editor and the writer is a fool who settles for less. --Larry Roberts, “Tales of Computer Consequence



Lisa - thanks for catching some great mistakes in our manuscript!--Fred Dewey, Publisher/Director of Beyond Baroque Literary Center for the Arts



This workshop was a doorway for me to claim the writer/artist that I am, and was always afraid to take seriously. The seriousness I feel as a writer, is not in whether or not I am ever published, but rather that I trust the quiet voice speaking through me "as story" and report on it now and again. Lisa made a safe place for me to listen and report. I highly recommend working with her.--Cindy Michel


Lisa M. can be trusted as an editor because she is so talented as a writer herself. Her suggestions are clear and informed and she’s coming from the heart. She’s a professional and a pleasure to work with and you know she will be there to provide encouragement when needed.--James Nemec 3, LMT, CST –D, author Touch the Ocean; and Journeys: Stories Only Our Bodies Can Tell, CraniOcean Media



At first I thought, how dare I enter a creative writing class with other people who know themselves as writers. And yet I’m glad I did. Lisa’s workshop supported the creativity in me that I didn’t even know I had. In a safe nurturing environment I felt uplifted and motivated and acknowledged. It was therapeutic in that it expanded my creative horizons and view of my writing ability. I got to experience the pure joy of expressing an idea for myself as well as communicate it to others.---Rosario Bernal/ Credit and Financial Consultant.



  Before you go to press, may I suggest this woman’s services.Clean, serene. She and her craft are a class act.”--A. Karno/Groundwork Coffee Company Java Juice®


 ~ The selected exercises are fun and creative while the feedback is thorough and very thoughtful.—Kamran Afary PhD/ California State University Los Angeles/ Department of Communication Studies

 I so value your workshop and love the way it is focusing me on my writing. …Thanks for all you do. You truly are an amazing editor. –Dee Dee Phelps, author, Vinyl Highway


I value my writing and myself enough to gift myself with these workshops week after week. They have been life transforming. As a result I have created and I finished several short stories, one of which, after Lisa's editing, made it to the semi-finals of a prestigious literary contest. --Robin Ward



Lisa's mixture of insight and soul, thoroughness and precision, clarity and depth allows her to notice and point out, not merely the inevitable technical mistakes, but also to illuminate the dark corners, unnoticed or neglected in the process, by asking just the right questions. I consider her an invaluable ally in my work.--Roxana Shirandami, Screenwriter



Having your support has helped me build my confidence and sharpen my skills.—Somer Cooper/Training Coordinator, Public Health




As usual your notes are very useful, assertive and pregnant with great tips and ideas.—Edith Dume, Actress



I enjoy working with you and respect your feedback and can't wait for the next time I am able to participate in the workshops.--Samantha Anderson,writer


This is working VERY well for me... It keeps me focused on writing regularly, fits into my insanely busy schedule, and is inspiring, thanks to your creative exercises. I also appreciate access to your advice and professional opinion on various writing and publishing matters. You are a muse, a healer of the writer’s spirit .--Pat Kaye, writer and editor of 




Thank you so much for coming! You really inspired us.—Nanda Dyssou/WLA College/www.LAHungarianTeacher.com



Thanks for taking time to come to our meeting and share tips. The exercises were very helpful. I can see how they have helped my writing. I have used some of the exercises you have showed us later on my own. Even the one I did not fully understand at first, I have benefited from. I will share your company with any writers I know.---Alexandre B. Johnson/ West Los Angeles College Creative Writing Club


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"Tulika Mehrotra (Delhi Stopover-Penguin 2012; Crashing B-Town--2013 Penguin) has referred me to you and she speaks very highly of your work with her."

“...I am still working on the novel. Your workshop helped a great deal”

I am digging the first two chapters now because of you."



I'm enjoying our workshop immensely.”




You do lovely work and are a pleasure to work with. Always happy when I can send something your way!”-- Editor colleague



I can’t begin to tell you how helpful your feedback and suggestions were.”



I sure wish I was taking your class:-) I like your style:-) Love getting your e-newsletters...keep me on your list!”


Love the news letters. You are so kind to share your knowledge with us.”

Thanks again for all you give and do. You have greatly enhanced my life.”


Thank you for your very detailed suggestions. They will help me rewrite the story and improve it..”



Excellent job on your newsletter. I especially appreciated the article about editing.”



I argue that with a different facilitator,it would not be as safe and as nurturing an environment as it is. Anyone can give assignments. But it's the acceptance and unconditional positive regard that she offers that not only brings out the best in the writer, but the best in the person.”



Thank you for your insightful and supportive comments. It was a great workshop!”



Lisa's improv writing exercise prompted amazing pieces that surprised even the writers themselves. This is the magic of spontaneous writing. You never know what will come out, and could not have planned to write in such a free manner without losing the richness of the experience.”



I really enjoyed your workshop last night. Thank you for helpful feedback.”



I think your feedback is the most respectful and supportive I have ever seen.”



I received your comments.... I can already tell that your comments will be tremendously helpful. Your input is much appreciated. Thank you, again.”



I want to thank you for a very inspiring workshop on Saturday. It was a real "shot in the arm", so to speak. I also appreciated your newsletter. ..There is a true love of writing that comes through your efforts.”



I got a lot of my confidence back as a writer so I am really grateful for that. Thank you for sparking my inspiration.”



Thank you Lisa. It has been a wonderful creative outlet and community for me. Your leadership is excellent.”



What a wonderful group of people! Lisa, you are a gifted facilitator and brilliant editor.”




Anyone searching for their writer's voice will benefit from this workshop. Let your mind and pen explore the page -- what could it hurt?”




The instructor is EXCELLENT and offers some of the best and most supportive critiques I have ever seen..”



I am a poet, and working with Lisa Marguerite Mora continues to inspire and draw out the best poetry in me.”




I would love to participate in your editing workshop. I’m so impressed with my sister’s progress with you and look forward to working with you too.”




This will be my 3rd workshop with Lisa. Besides being a learning experience, the workshops are safe, fun and inspirational. My writing skills have sharpened through this process.”




It's been so freeing and re-energizing to be back in a writing class, and I love this one.”




You are a mind-boggling teacher, and can `SEE’ and `FEEL’ and Interpret............and give back...........with such precision.”




Thanks for creating such a safe and thoughtful space for us and for your truly helpful professional critique.”


As usual, thank you for your comments. You are a muse, a healer of the writer’s spirit!”